A Big Form of Bigotry

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Throughout the world and throughout time, there have been people who rose up and said “Enough” to discrimination.  Discrimination based on gender, race, creed, lifestyle, mental capacity, physical ability, and size unfortunately and unbelievably still exists.  Today, I am writing to add my voice to those who say, “Enough.”  Continue reading “A Big Form of Bigotry”

Cinderella Complex

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Ever notice how so many fairy tales are about women being rescued by men and they live happily ever after?  Life gets better after she meets the prince.  It’s a plot which works well.  Or is it more than just a great storyline?  Is there something in the collective female psyche which drives us to wish upon a star for a knight in shining armor?  And why do we wish for that? Continue reading “Cinderella Complex”

How to attract a man!

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What do men look for in a woman?  It doesn’t matter if she’s one hundred pounds overweight or drop-dead gorgeous, sometimes women find their dating life to be non-existent.  Like myself, you’ve probably read articles about how to attract a man and what puts men off, but what is off-putting is when you do all the things which are recommended to attract a guy and avoiding the things which repel them, but still find yourself alone on a Friday night. Continue reading “How to attract a man!”

The Religion of Perfection

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I have been taking an honest look at why I want to lose weight.  I was made to feel like I was not good enough as a fat woman; I fell below the mark.  My ex-husband referred to me as a “big fat cow sitting on the couch eating chocolate” to his co-workers and wouldn’t touch me sexually or affectionately for months at a time (it’s a miracle I have two beautiful children).  My parents took me to a “fat” doctor when I was nine because they were concerned about my weight even then.

“Fat” in this world is just plain wrong.  Therefore, as a fat person, I am less than perfect.  And so I want to lose weight to become perfect. Continue reading “The Religion of Perfection”

Body Perception

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Studies have been conducted on body weight perception which have come up with the same conclusion: body weight perception is not always in agreement with actual weight.  Really?  Maybe if more research was done on why scientists and academics conduct studies where the results are obvious, then maybe there would be more advances in the sciences. Continue reading “Body Perception”

The Best Laid Schemes

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“The best laid schemes of mice and men/Go often askew,” wrote the famous poet Robert Burns.

Life is like that.  One minute we experience the greatest happiness; the next we plummet into despair.  You’re on the mountaintop, the sun is shining, and everything finally seems to be coming together; then we see that beyond the summit, the mountain goes down, the clouds hide the sun, and everything unravels. Continue reading “The Best Laid Schemes”