A Big Form of Bigotry

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Throughout the world and throughout time, there have been people who rose up and said “Enough” to discrimination.  Discrimination based on gender, race, creed, lifestyle, mental capacity, physical ability, and size unfortunately and unbelievably still exists.  Today, I am writing to add my voice to those who say, “Enough.”  Continue reading “A Big Form of Bigotry”

Cinderella Complex

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Ever notice how so many fairy tales are about women being rescued by men and they live happily ever after?  Life gets better after she meets the prince.  It’s a plot which works well.  Or is it more than just a great storyline?  Is there something in the collective female psyche which drives us to wish upon a star for a knight in shining armor?  And why do we wish for that? Continue reading “Cinderella Complex”