The Lighter Side of Large in the News.

The Lighter Side of Large in the News. Download PDF

On Saturday 4th August I was very excited to receive a huge feature article in my local newspaper ‘The Nelson Mail’ titled When Fiction Tells The Truth by Naomi ArnoldAlthough the article touched on a few sensitive issues it was written beautifully  by a very talented, and understanding journalist.

Hopefully this interview will help you understand this new genre of book that i lovingly call ‘Reality Fiction’.  The Lighter Side of Large is more than chicklit, it’s more than humorous, its much more the women’s fiction.  The Lighter Side of Large is ‘Reality Fiction’ these is my real thoughts, real life, real emotions, real hurts, real life, poured out on paper but wrapped up in a fictionised story.  That is why it works, that is why you relate to the story in so many ways, that is why you love Bella and I and feel like you know us because we are one.  Read this article to understand more of my thoughts behind this new genre of fiction.

You can download a pdf copy of the article HERE or you can view it for yourself on the website by clicking HERE

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Hi, I am Bella, an overweight single mother. I have just found out that my ex-husband is getting married to my gorgeous sister in nine months? What to do? First of all I order a double mocacchino and plot my revenge. I plan to lose weight, get a career, and find the perfect man in time for the wedding. But proving there’s more to me than fat is a heavyweight task. Join me and my eccentric gang of friends as I discover The Lighter Side of Large.